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Fostering streamlined connections with your communities

Looking for optimal ways to connect with citizens? Whether you are a local government agency, utility management district, or a redevelopment authority, delivering services and connecting with the community is at the heart of what you do.

Services such as surveys, polls, paying taxes, renewing licenses, and volunteer management is some of the tangible interactions communities have with local government. Government web design and marketing automation is the first step to serving the needs of the community and engaging with them optimally.

Rising customer expectations

Local and federal governments face constant scrutiny to offer responsive and consistent customer experiences across constituencies. According to a report, a majority of officials spend eight hours or more on administrative tasks instead of focusing on high-value, strategic initiatives that add value to communities.

From supermarkets to airlines, customers are now accustomed to and expect one-click ordering and seamless online access to a range of services.

Surveys show citizens are frustrated by confusing or cumbersome government websites which force them to speak with multiple authorities to get answers to their questions or to have their requests attended to.

Citizen-centric governance

Citizen-centric reforms enable agencies to unleash their extraordinary potential to serve communities. Automating tasks helps these entities re-imagine the way they support and engage with communities by streamlining access to services and enhancing the overall quality of life.

  • Easily accessible mobile-friendly forms
  • Online applications that make it easy for citizens to request assistance
  • Email marketing integration which enables the addition of survey participants and newsletter subscribers to the email list that can be used for further engagement
  • Automated online permit applications, contracts, service agreements, NDAs, waivers, proposals with secure signatures
  • Building public trust with efficient operations
  • Minimize costs related to delivering services through multiple channels.

We specialize in custom WordPress Web Design that automate your business operations. Our goal is to enable agencies to achieve their customer-centric objectives.

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