Frequently Asked Questions

Below will help answer many of the frequently asked questions clients have asked us.

How much do I need to invest in building a website? 

The honest answer: it depends. The ultimate driver behind the investment in a new website is what goals your website should accomplish and what features are needed to achieve those goals. Our packages start at $8,000 and go up based on your needs. If you are unsure of what’s required or where to start, we offer a Discovery Workshop & Digital Health Audit to uncover the blind spots and create a clear path for your next steps.

How long does it take to build a website?

The project’s size and complexity and the amount of content you have readily available will determine the project length. On average, a website takes 6 – 8 weeks. This includes discovery, User Behavior & Experience research, SEO research, content review, design, front-end development, back-end development, end user testing, QA testing, and team training.

Do I need my own domain name and web hosting?

Yes, and we can help you set any of this up. If you have an existing provider, we will look at the hosting currently in place, and if it fits, we will try to work with them. If not, we will make recommendations based on your needs.

I’ve never built a website before. How does this process work?

That’s why we are here! Our goal is to help you understand and learn the process of digital marketing. So any questions you have along the way, feel free to ask!

I need my website to work on smartphones, is that possible, and is it extra?

Yes, it will work on smartphones. Your website will be optimized so visitors can view your website from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. That’s called a responsive website, and it’s industry standard.

I’m not that technical. Do you provide training?

After your website is finished, but before it goes live, you will be trained on how to use your new site efficiently. You will have access to video tutorials in your website’s admin area. If you have any questions on how something works, you can feel safe knowing you have a team ready to support you.

Do you only work with WordPress?

Yes! WordPress accounts for over 40% of websites globally. It’s one of the greatest and easiest platforms to manage a website. A properly configured WordPress site will be as easy as using Microsoft Word (the operative word is properly).

If we work together, how do we contact you or submit requests?

You will have direct access to dedicated support from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM CST. All support requests are handled at our helpdesk via email. During a project, you will have access to your own project management board where all day-to-day communication will happen, and Zoom calls are an option. To respect everyone’s busy schedule, Zoom calls are preplanned/scheduled far enough in advance. If it is outside of regular hours, you can still send a request in, and our team will fulfill the request when we are back online.

What is your turnaround time to complete support tasks?

The turnaround time to complete all support tasks is 48-72 hours, depending on the complexity of the task. The average turnaround time is 8 hours. If something is taking longer or expected to take longer, this will be communicated ahead of time.

What about emergencies or after-hours?

Your website is monitored 24/7 for uptime, so if anything breaks, our team is alerted immediately. We then alert you and provide an update with a resolution going forward. This is also why it’s recommended that we host your website. All sites we host use a cloud environment with DigitalOcean and Google Cloud. These have a “fail-safe switch” (technically called auto-healing), so if something happens, a separate part of the server will automatically launch to keep your site online. This built-in feature creates virtually no downtime (guaranteed uptime is 99%). We do not perform “breaking changes” to your site after hours. Breaking changes refer to changes that could alter the code and possibly bring your site down. This ensures that no significant changes are made when someone on our support team is unavailable.

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