Alabama USATF


The Alabama Association of USATF is one of 57 member Associations of USA Track & Field, the governing body for the sport of athletics in the United States. The sport of athletics includes the disciplines of race walking, long distance running, and track and field. We were referred to the ALUSATF’s President because they were looking for someone to help maintain their website. Upon speaking with them it was determined that they needed to just remove old content and make sure new content is formatted and added in a timely fashion. After reviewing their site, we accepted the challenge. 

The ALUSATF’s website uses a different CMS that we are accustomed to but that did stop us from trying to learn. The CMS provided to the from the main association is Kentico. It is a ASP .NET based CMS with features and settings closely resembling MS Sharepoint. With our technical expertise, we taken time to learn and work inside the CMS to understand what we needed to do so the AL USATF could become successful and remain in compliance of their bylaws and governance. Our role was strictly adding and removing content. We worked directly with the main office and webmaster to ensure we stayed in compliance any time we added new content that was sent from the board. Our open communication esnured that all content placement and formatting was approved from the board and it retained the Association’s compliance with the governing body.

The 7 months of working with the AL USATF, the President had this to say:

“Your service has been professional and well prepared. It’s been great doing business with you and I hope our Association will continue to utilize your services.”

Joseph Henderson
Past President, Alabama Association of USA Track & Field


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