5 Components of an Automated Marketing System [TechSoup Connect WordPress Webinar Replay]

What would your nonprofit be like if the phone didn’t ring, emails didn’t come through, and no one visited your website? Without new inquiries, you are limited to your existing donor base, which will naturally drop in size over time.

You need a system to handle new inquiries and ensure they’re a suitable fit for your business. Unfortunately, this can lead to wasted time.

What if you could have a system on your website that attracts the type of donor you want to work with, educates them, and positions your nonprofit as the expert?

I gave a webinar to help you learn about lead generation systems and why they are perfect for your business. By the end, you will:

  • Understand the key elements that make up your new lead generation system.
  • Learn how to get into the mindset of your donors and think about their most significant problems or concerns.
  • See how automation can run your lead generation system while you sleep, nurturing and educating your prospects.
  • Find out why having a predictable pipeline of donors will ensure you stay off the fundraising rollercoaster.
  • Learn how to test and tweak your lead generation system, helping you to squeeze out the best results.
  • Find out about Google’s Ad Grant for eligible nonprofits, where you can get $10,000/month FOR FREE to apply towards paid advertising.

Enjoy the reply:



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My goal is to help marketing and communication teams with creative and content efforts to continue the growth of their organization’s visibility online and provide a consistent experience for your audience across all platforms.

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