You have a community to serve, WHy not make it easy to do so?

Maybe you are interested in refreshing your website to be more user-friendly, streamlined, and compelling. Or your website needs to concisely communicate your vision and mission, clearly articulate “what you do” and the services you offer, and highlight key projects and products in a more accessible manner. 

Our mission is to optimize your digital identity so you can focus on your essential task.

  • Do people always tell you that it’s hard to navigate your website? Better yet, do you struggle to navigate your site?
  • Are you frustrated with how hard or long it takes for you to make simple changes to your website?
  • Do you need to consistently inform your audience via newsletter campaigns and struggle to keep up?
  • Or maybe you have limited staff and minimal to no technical expertise in how any of it works?
  • Have you hit a growth ceiling, and it’s time to rebrand your organization?
  • Are you too busy actually running your business to even think about this stuff, much less manage it all?

There are plenty of agencies that can make something beautiful and tons of DIY solutions to get you online. Don’t get me wrong, they both have their place in this world, but neither examine your unique challenges nor provide solutions that your business need.

My guess is you’re here because you realize there’s more to marketing than beauty, and trying to solve a problem with a one-size-fits-all solution is a problem in itself.

About eLsqrd

I help Nonprofits, Government Agencies, and Small Businesses who are ready to stop stalling on their digital marketing needs and get serious about creating an online marketing engine for their organization.

I help you craft an online digital marketing experience that connects with your community, partner with ideal clients, introduce them to your brand, turns visitors into donors, and turns leads into customers.

My belief is everyone should have total control of their online marketing without being overly dependent on flaky web professionals who go ghost when it matters most.

About Our founder

George Woodard

WordPress Pro | Marketing Automation Specialist | Twin Superdad

Two words I like to use to describe me are Friend and Servant.

My entire childhood was wrapped in my parent’s instruction to give everyone grace and help those who need it. So when I decided to start pursuing my dream full time, they were not shocked at all. I love what I do and love more that I get to use my talents to help others.

Armed with 10 years of experience professionally developing websites, I am a geek at heart. My love for learning, looking for new ways to make technology stretch, and leveraging my knowledge to help people is nurtured every day with what I love to do. When not hard at work, I run behind my active twin daughters or enjoy a cooking class with my wife (she’s the chef, not me).

Our Partners

It’s very hard to help others serve their community if I don’t believe in the power of the community myself. That sounds very hypocritical. While my experience has allowed me to grow my knowledge in many different ways, I also believe in “letting the pros do what they are good at.”

Over the years, I have worked with many different agencies, designers, developers, and creatives that I was able to leverage their expertise in handling what I can do but not great at. Below are some people in my network that, if needed, we will also partner with to help see the goals of your marketing be realized. 

Josh Browne

Visual Media Producer | Giver of Love

Alex Lane

Content and Digital Marketing Badass | SuperMom

DeLisha Peterson

Sr. UI/UX Designer Extraordinaire | Master Level Volleyball Coach

Portia Jackson

SEO & Content Strategist Mastermind | Rockstar Legend

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