You have a community to serve, WHy not make it easy to do so?

Maybe you are interested in refreshing your website to be more user-friendly, streamlined, and compelling. Or your website needs to concisely communicate your vision and mission, clearly articulate “what you do”, and highlight key projects and products in a more accessible manner. 

My mission is to optimize your digital identity so you can focus on your REAL WORK.

George Woodard

WordPress Consultant | Twin SuperDad

By serving nonprofits, government agencies, and B2B organizations, I craft easy-to-use digital experiences that help you connect with your audience and automate your work without needing a Computer Science degree. Using over ten years of experience, you receive user-friendly solutions, knowledgeable support, and unmatched customer service.

I believe everyone should have total control of their online marketing without being overly dependent on flaky web professionals who go ghost when it matters most.

Plenty of agencies can make something beautiful and tons of DIY solutions to get you online. While each has it’s place in this world, neither examine your unique challenges nor provide custom-tailored solutions that you need.

My guess is you’re here because you realize there’s more to marketing than beauty. Trying to solve a problem with a one-size-fits-all solution is a problem in itself.

While I love to help everyone I can (that’s the servant in me), I choose to only work with a handful of organizations each year. I do this to ensure I’m dedicating my time and efforts to produce results.

If you’re curious as to whether or not I can help you build your vision, let’s chat about your goals and how the right website could help you achieve them.

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