Alms Capital Trading Group

Alms Capital Trading Group
Alms Capital Trading Group screen mockup
Alms Capital Trading Group is a small investment company that was founded on the principle of ‘almsgiving’. Their goal is set out to do investing in many different avenues that will help create opportunities for others. They truly believe in the community! When they set out to start this task, it was determined to build a portfolio for the company and also create a social media prescence to show their invovlement in all this investing.

The company came with a clear idea of what they were looking to accomplish but didn’t have a clear vision of how it would look. The company provided a description into their business and what they were looking to accomplish. 

Our first steps was to create branding for the company and make it available on Social Media. Now with the look available, the website was the next step in the process. We took a modern, SPA (Single Page Application) approach to building this design. Then with the site built, we setup their social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter. 

They are now available on multiple platforms and will be looking to update their content on the site in the months to come to include a blog and stock tickers. Their focus is on investment information, real estate and startups. 



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