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Burwell's Martial Arts
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Burwell’s Martial Arts is a school taught by GrandMaster Otis Burwell since 1989. He was using traditional marketing methods–demonstrations, self-defense classes and parades–to market the school. His staff thought it was time to refresh the brand and move to digital marketing efforts. The school needed a way for users to find the school via Google and also inquire about the programs they offer.

In order to set the foundation of a great marketing campaign, you must ensure the branding matches the message of the business. One of the first things we noticed is the branding needed a fresh feel based on the spirit of it’s GrandMaster and students. After a brainstorming, we came up with a newly developed logo.

Now with the branding updated, we focused on building their audience through social media. Using the most visited social media platform, Facebook, we created their profile. With Facebook, the staff was able to curate articles on Martial Arts, post pictures from events and update people on the schools events. This helped build an audience and allowed former and current students, and their parents, in the community support the school. With this influx in traffic and exposure, it was time to create a website.

We utilized WordPress and built a portfolio style website and incorporated local SEO based on the keywords “martial arts huntsville al“. 

The staff at Burwells provided us with pictures of the many events, demonstrations, tournaments (they compete in the AAU) and programs they have participated in. We used this to create an engaging and family friendly tone of the school. 

The website design was structured around the key goal of getting website visitors to call Burwell’s Martial Arts. We positioned the phone number prominently on both desktop and mobile devices so it’s always easily viewable from any page. Other elements on the page were created to showcase the school’s services, build trust and educate on the history of Otis Burwell.

In less than 6 months after the new website was launched, it quickly outranked competitors for local search terms-“martial arts huntsville al“- which has resulted in Burwell’s Martial Arts receiving an increased volume of inquiries coming directly from the site.

Without any additional marketing, Burwell’s has been able to get a consistent leads received via the website ranking highly in Google search.



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