Intro to Facebook Marketing for the Busy Entrepreneur

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There are more than 6 million companies on Facebook. If your company is not one of them, then you are giving up a prime way to reach your targeted audience. You are busy with other tasks, so consider these helpful tips to get and keep your Facebook marketing working for you.

Set Your Goals

You can use Facebook marketing for a variety of purposes. Therefore, it is essential to set your goals as a higher number of followers does not necessarily equate to a higher return for the time that you invested. You can use Facebook to create brand awareness, establish yourself as an industry expert, recruit the right people for your organization or drive targeted traffic to your website. To be successful, however, you need to establish smart goals that are specific, timely, measurable, relevant and attainable.

Establish Your Target Audience

Sometimes as a business owner, you have to do things you’re not an expert on such as social media marketing, but you should already be an expert at knowing who your targeted audience is, and Facebook is just another way to reach them. Understand that overall, Facebook reaches about the same number of people living in the city as living in rural areas and that those with an income of under $300,000 are the most prolific users. More seniors use Facebook than any other social media platform. Remember that more than 100 million people have the potential to see your marketing, so it is essential to create marketing that will catch the attention of your targeted audience. While you are building your target audience, be sure to try to connect with industry leaders in hopes that some of their influence rubs off on your company.

Consider Your Content while using Facebook Marketing

Think about the different types of content that will connect with your targeted audience. Many users report that the most annoying habit of brands that they follow is being too promotional. Find ways to tell the great things your company is regularly doing. Make sure that you are spending part of your time listening to your audience and their concerns. A 2018 study analyzing 43 million Facebook business posts found that posting five times a day drove the most engagement.

Remember that often customers will tell you of a new product that they need or a new use that they have found for an old product that you can turn into a marketing campaign. While people think of Facebook as being the platform with a high character limits, research shows that posts with 40 characters or less have the highest rate of engagement.

Facebook marketing can pay rich dividends if you take the time to do it right. While it may be out of your comfort zone, determine your targeted audience and create content to market to them. Consider posting five times a day using 40 or fewer characters.

If you’re looking to expand your digital presence and need help, we can help! We offer several services with your online presence in mind. One of the most powerful tools you can have at your disposal when connecting Facebook and your business is an enticing landing page. We can get you started with that and many more to make that critical difference your business needs!

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