Ways to Build Better Relationships Between You and Your Employees

Maintaining office morale is an important part of being a leader. Employees who enjoy coming to work are more productive and more creative. If they have good relationships with the office leadership, they will also be more willing to go the extra mile when needs arise. Some people are naturally gifted at developing positive connections. For most people, building better relationships requires an intentional effort.

Office Activities

In some businesses, special events like birthday parties are seen as disruptions to the workday. While daily social events can become a waste of time, these types of special breaks play an important role in the life of your business. According to Chicago Casino Rentals, company parties and events are essential for continued productivity, building trust within your company, and help to shape a company culture. In the midst of these get togethers, employees are making connections that will help them work as a team. In addition, these activities give your workers a chance to get to know you a little better. While it is important for them to recognize your role in the workplace, it is also important for them to see you as a human being.

Get to Know Your Employees

Learning about the lives of your employees will help develop stronger relationships. When you show that you care about their lives outside of the office, it will improve their trust in you while at work. You do not need to pry deeply into their lives, but it is helpful to learn about their families and hobbies. Along the way, you may discover talents that can apply to your business. An employee who is dabbling in computer programming as a hobby might be able to improve your online presence. Someone who is excited about hiking might know the perfect location for the next company retreat.

Use Their Gifts

Every person has a unique personality and skills. One of the best ways you can show that you understand your employees is by giving them tasks that play to their strengths. You might try reviewing their resumes to remind yourself of their educational backgrounds and previous positions. You should also pay attention to how your employees interact with one another. If someone is a natural introvert, give that person a project that requires deep research. Put your extroverted employees on cooperative teams. Learning about an employee’s personality can also help you make decisions about how work gets done at your business. An employee who works well without supervision might be allowed to do some work from home. A worker who thrives under more supervision might be placed in a more visible part of the office.

Acknowledge Good Work

Every person wants to be recognized in some way. Some people may want public recognition. Other people are satisfied with a kind word from the person in charge. When you know your employees, you can better decide how to show appreciation. The important thing is that the people working for you know that you are paying attention. While grand gestures such as holiday bonuses at the end of the year are helpful, consistent small moments of praise can be especially effective. Rather than giving a brief moment of happiness, consistent praise develops a trusting relationship over time.

When you take the time to develop relationships with your employees, you are engaging in practices that improve morale and productivity. These practices can also improve your bottom line. Workplaces with high morale have less turnover which means less time searching for and training new employees. By getting to know the people who work for you, you are making an investment in the long-term health of your business.

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