What Are Some Principles of Effective Training?

Proper training is an incredibly important part of running a successful business. If employees don’t know what they should be doing, they’ll understandably be less efficient and make more mistakes. A lack of training can even contribute to a loss of profits. If you are running a business or in charge of the training department at a company, read on to find out more about principles of effective training techniques.

Explain, Show, Do, Review

There is a pretty simple process that you can utilize to make sure that everyone understands what they are learning. Start by explaining the process to the person or people that you’re training. Then, show them a real-life example of how this process takes place. Next, have them do the process on their own. People tend to learn best when they are learning hands-on. Finally, after everything is completed, review the process and everything that was learned. You can utilize quizzes to see if people are truly absorbing what you are telling them. If not, repetition is the next key part of an effective training process.


Repetition should be used in order to really drive a point home. Learning something once is useful, but you typically need to make sure that people have caught on. It’s important that you keep training fresh when you’re going to be using repetition. This prevents people from getting too bored or from finding that their training is redundant. Refresher classes help ensure that employees remember important concepts. You shouldn’t just think about training new employees. Think about training the existing ones as well.

Getting Feedback

It’s important that you get some feedback on your training methods. You can accomplish this quite simply by providing a survey for employees to take at the end of a training session. Take to heart what you are being told. If there is something that people feel needs to be changed about how your training is structured, think about making those changes.

Regardless of your industry, training is something that is and always will be needed. Training should be used for new employees that need to learn the ins and outs of a business. There should also be ongoing refresher courses to help keep everybody on the same page. You can even offer off-site training that allows employees to widen their knowledge base of the tools they use each day at work.

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