Important Roles to Have on Your Business’s Social Media Team

Your business is expanding, and you are looking to have an online presence. You know the buzzwords like SEO, email marketing, and social media presence, but how does your business set up a social media team to take advantage of this? There are several distinct roles, each playing an important part in how to capture social media attention, plan and execute marketing strategies, and propel your business forward.


An administrator has access and control to everything on a social media page and basically can do all of the roles of the social media team. They are usually the most experienced and knowledgeable person on the team and will set the agenda and focus. A good administrator knows how to engage with customers online and promote brand presence through a variety of media. They should also be aware of a broad array of social marketing and media ventures. While most people are familiar with Facebook, for instance, an administrator should also be familiar with Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and be ready to shift focus should a new platform quickly rise to popular status. Internet marketing including the use of SEO strategies to gain search engine visibility and email marketing campaigns may also be applicable depending on your business needs.

Creative Team

Social media is its own unique world, and so while one must be able to think and write creatively, they also need to know how to apply that creativity online. Your creative people will be responsible for planning and executing your desired strategy across multiple platforms, and helping your customer-facing people. Knowing how to capture customer eyeballs and get your content shared and spread to even more people is an essential task to grow your business and brand online. Having a creative team familiar with multiple approaches, matching strategies to business needs, and executing core directives is a must.

Outreach to the Community

This role is your most directly customer-facing position, and as such requires a deft touch and a person familiar with customer service. The role of community outreach is very important because it gives your business the chance to proactively interact with both customers and potential new customers and add some personality and flair to your brand. This can create unique and interesting experiences that people are happy to share with their friends and talk about. Additionally, social media can be a place where unhappy customers seek assistance, allowing your business a chance to correct a negative and build your brand further. Turning a negative into a positive is essential in a world where we see businesses hurt themselves with poor responses to problems going viral, where they can be seen by millions.

The Analyst

Data analysis is an important part of most business aspects, and social media is no exception. A good analyst will be familiar with analytics tools such as Facebook Insights or Google Analytics, and be able to compile the data relevant to your brand. From there, it’s about trend analysis, spotting irregularities, and measuring the impact of your creative and marketing strategies. An analyst must love numbers and must be able to convert raw data into actionable items and feedback, which the administrator and creative director can use to chart a new course or decide the next plan of action. 


Starting a social media team can be a big venture. While one qualified person may be able to handle most tasks for a smaller business, a larger business looking to have a strong online presence should consider building a team of multiple people. Matching them into appropriate roles and using proper delegation will see the teamwork seamlessly to implement, execute, analyze, and pivot any strategy.

George Woodard

George Woodard

My goal is to help marketing and communication teams with creative and content efforts to continue the growth of their organization’s visibility online and provide a consistent experience for your audience across all platforms.

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