10 Amazing Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is very important for your business. 80% of US businesses that use social media marketing has confirmed that this marketing method does, in fact, boost traffic to their website. But sadly only about 25% of businesses that market on social media know which tools to use to boost the efficiency of their posts. It is quite clear that you also need good social media skills in order to derive success from this online marketing endeavor but any social media marketing is still heaps better than not using these platforms at all. Here are 10 amazing benefits your company reaps from using social media for marketing

  1. Improved brand recognition – Social media is superb for creating brand awareness. There are so many different ways to incorporate your company image and vibe into content and posts. With the right branding skills, new customers can quickly identify exactly what you are all about and recurring customers will constantly be reminded of the superb products or services delivered by your company.
  2. Boosted brand loyalty – A study done by Convince&Convert found that 53% of American social media users that follow a certain brand are loyal to that brand. By using social media you encourage customers to stay loyal to your business by constantly reminding them of your existence and giving them all the latest news and information on products and services.
  3. Increased conversion opportunities
    There are over 2.4 billion social media users on Facebook alone which already proves that there are plenty of opportunities for you to get more customers, but social media also boosts the number of opportunities customers have to convert to your website. Each post you share can backlink to your website which means every video, every advert and every piece of information you share is an opportunity for customers to click back to your site.
  4. Boosts conversion rates – Search engines are still the best way to get people to log onto your website but social media is also a superb way to get your conversion rates up so you can enjoy more sales.
  5. More brand authority – Online users are often distrustful towards online companies and with all of the spammers out there you cannot really blame them. With a good and consistent social media site, you boost brand authority because you are able to convince customers that your business is trustworthy, stable, honest and appropriate.
  6. Boosts inbound traffic – Every social media page you create links back to your website and every post you share on these pages can also link back to your traffic. This boosts the number of inbound traffic you receive from customers that likely never heard of your business.
  7. An affordable marketing solution – Most of the posting and marketing done on social media is completely free. You only pay for content that is boosted and these boost payments are usually quite affordable.
  8. Boosts your SEO ranking – Promoting on social media also notifies search engines that your business is trustworthy and steady which in return also boosts your search engine ranking.
  9. Improved customer experience – Social media gives your customers more ways to communicate, interact and get in touch with you and it gives them a fun place to learn more about your products or services.
  10. Boosts customer engagement – If you want to know what customers truly think of your business, service, and products then social media is also the way to go. Customer engagement is boosted tremendously because people are much more likely to share their feelings regarding your products on social media than through other communication methods.

With these superb benefits of social media, it is quite easy to see exactly why you should start using social media marketing immediately and boost your digital marketing skills!

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